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Orla Gilkeson

Orla Gilkeson is a contemporary Northern Irish artist whose work explores memory and a sense of place, often through abstracted landscape paintings.
She has created 100 abstract paintings on salvaged wood from old pallet boards. Each one bears a unique visual history of layers, marks, and scores with faint, gold lifelines of hope running through.
“We are replenished when we seek to reclaim the lost and forgotten parts of ourselves. I am aiming to litter the streets of Belfast with a sense of being found by rediscovering what has been lost.”
Orla Gilkeson


I'm glad you found my painting. May it be for you a sign of unexpected hope.

Where did you find the painting and why did it resonate with you?

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"I was so happy to find my beautiful painting and felt so moved by the artist's words that accompanied it. I loved the phrase 'faint, gold lifelines of hope'. Life has felt dark lately but this painting has reminded me to always look for the light. That's where hope can be found again. I will always think of this when I look at my painting. Thank you!"


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"I love the ridges I can feel from it being thrown on the wheel, and the brightness of the gold-filled scar. The scars of my depression are invisible, but still a part of who I am.

Thank you, for brightening up my day."


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