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Some of the wooden boxes used for this art trail were designed and created by The Chapel in The Fields. The Chapel in the Fields is a small Methodist church in Dunham Massey, South Manchester which offers a safe space to church and non-church people alike. Amongst other things, The Chapel hosts community wood working courses, in partnership with the local Social Prescribing team, to improve mental health and wellbeing. A men's group helped create these boxes to protect Rachel Ho's scarred pots. Rachel Ho wanted some of the boxes to be crafted by people who know what it's like to bear an emotional scar. 

Chapel in the fields

"This project is about the amalgamation of many stories. From the story behind the creation of the pots to the people who found them and those who created the boxes.

Layers of stories, layers of hope."

Rachel Ho, Ceramicist

“We are delighted to have been asked to work with Rachel on this project, we have enjoyed creating these boxes using up cycled wood from old church pews.”

Kevin Johnson, Project Leader 

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